Bye, Bye 3-Series

Bye, Bye 3-Series

It's out with the old...And in with the new!

The BMW 4-Series Coupe is here!


  • 26 MM longer body
  • 50 MM longer wheelbase
  • 10 MM lower
  • 16 MM lower roofline
  • 43 MM wider


BMW 4-Series Coupe


With the new front design incorporating a large air intake and air curtains, the design sweeps back over the bonnet with a “Hofmeister kink” running along the edges of the C-pillar. Double body lines can be found under the windows with flared rear arches. Speaking of the rear, it’s also been made a lot more squat than its 3-Series predecessor.

With rear-wheel drive, the whole look is functional because the car’s centre of gravity is lower than its predecessor. With a 50:50 weight distribution, the car sits comfortably on its wheels with bespoke springs, damping, axle kinematics and elastokinematics. Aluminum torque struts, wishbones and swivel bearings at the front reduce any unsprung mass with a 5-link rear axle set up. Electric power steering, brakes with aluminum front calipers, lightweight construction, air intakes and front arches all work together to reduce drag.


BMW 4-Series Coupe


The model offers 4 settings: Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport+. When launched, it will offer just 3 engines:  the turbocharged 3.0L 6-cylinder in the 435i (which hits 0-62MPH in 5.4S), a turbocharged 2.0L 4-pot in the 428i (which hits 0-62MPH in 5.9S) and a 2.0L diesel in the 420d (which hits 0-62MPH in 75S, 60.1MPG). Introduced later will be the 420i petrol, 430d and the 435d; all of which are fitted with a 6-speed manual, with the option of an 8-speed auto.


Source: Top Gear  

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