BMW 2 Series Tourer To Be It’s First Front-Wheel Drive Car

BMW 2 Series Tourer To Be It’s First Front-Wheel Drive Car

BMW 2 Series Tourer To Be It's First Front-Wheel Drive CarBMW is known for making the Ultimate Driving Machine and it's M-Division vehicles, now however, BMW is also making sensible front-wheel drive tourers apparently.

The name BMW elicits thoughts of precise German engineering, keeping to it’s “Ultimate Driving Machine” motto. One may think of the ferocious M5 Sedan or the amazing 3-Series (now 4-Series) coupes with their refined engines, amazing handling and of course that rear-wheel drive powertrain. Now however, BMW is bringing us it’s FIRST EVER front-wheel drive vehicle. So what will be BMW’s foray into the sensible-vehicle segment? Well, BMW will bring us the Active Tourer (a concept we’ve seen for over a year now) with front wheel drive.



It’s clear to see from these pictures, this is far from what we come to expect from the ‘sports’ auto maker.


That’s right, BMW is bringing us a 2-Series ‘Active Tourer'; a five-door, front-wheel drive car and an extension to the 2-Series cars (though it’s very, VERY hard to see the resemblance). It’s hard to see exactly why the Bavaria based company is deciding to introduce a car that’s basically a Mercedes B-Class with a BMW fascia. However, the usual suspects would be that the company is trying to diversify its product lineup and attempting to cater to a wider (MUCH wider) audience than it traditionally has. Check out the images below.






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