Backseat Drive…Literally

Backseat Drive…Literally

Backseat Drive...LiterallyA car garage in Dubai created a custom car in which the drive sits in the back and the passengers get to sit in the front!

Ever been told you’re a backseat driver? Well, one car gives every driver the chance to backseat drive!


2008 Nissan Patrol SUV

King of Customs Garage in Dubai created a truly unique car. They took a regular 2008 Nissan Patrol SUV and rebuilt the car. This car’s driver literally sits in the back! All the vital controls for driving a car have been moved to the back. Now a three passenger car, the driver is placed in the center of the back seat. In the front seats, two passengers can sit with a perfect view. King of Customs Garage really took backseat driving to another level!



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