Audi Plans For An R8 E-tron Edition

Audi Plans For An R8 E-tron Edition

Audi confirms plans for an All-electric R8. Will produce an amazing 500+ lb-ft of torque!

Audi CEO Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg has confirmed plans that Audi will be releasing an R8 e-tron edition with a much longer range than the original concept. According to Dr. Hackenberg, Audi’s finest engineers have worked tirelessly  to more than double the estimated range from just 134 miles to approximately 280 miles, similar to the maximum range of a Tesla Model S with the 85kWh battery.






Porsche and McLaren may have their own hybrid supercars, but Audi is doing them one better: an all-electric version of the Audi R8. “This significant step is the result of progress with battery technology and a revised package with a considereably higher power density,” Hackenberg said. Furthermore, Hackenberg expressed that the e-tron will only be produced in response to customer demand, this probably means a small production run—almost certainly less than a couple of hundred units.






In the last iteration, the R8 e-tron had a range of just 134 miles, far short of Audi’s standards, but after a complete battery redesign, the range has practically doubled to 280 miles, considering the numbers the R8 e-tron can put down, it is stunning to see just how far you can take this car. The R8 e-tron can put out 376 horsepower and more than 500 pound feet of torque, which is 100 more than the current Audi R8 v10. Now although the e-tron weighs close to 4,000 pounds, 500 more than its gasoline brother, the R8 e-tron can still manage a spirited sprint to 100 km/hr in just 4.2 seconds






This is just the beginning for Audi, with its batteries able to put down figures like this, we may start seeing more and more all-electric Audi’s that may put smaller companies like Tesla up against the ropes. We can expect to see the R8 e-tron in the second half of 2014, and of course only by customer request.


Source: DigitalTrends

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