Aston’s Cygnet Dead, What Will Replace it?

Aston’s Cygnet Dead, What Will Replace it?

Aston's Cygnet soon to get the axeWhat's next for Aston with the Cygnet gone?

Remember the Aston Martin Cygnet? That ugly little Aston based off of the Toyota iQ? Turns out, according to Aston’s CEO Ulrich Bez, the Cygnet is no more simply because Toyota won’t be furthering the development of the iQ. While the Cygnet was never quite the performer or looker it actually served as a clever business strategy by Aston Martin to offset EPA regulations imposed by the European Union. The idea was that with the low emissions of the Cygnet, it would reduce the overall emissions from the rest of  Aston Martin’s line up of sports cars.


Based off the iQ, the Aston Cygnet featured a reworked exterior and interior with premium materials to match the styling cues of other Astons. In a recent interview by Autocar, Ulrich Bez said that since Toyota hasn’t made plans to continue with the iQ any further developments from Aston have also been halted. This shouldn’t come as any surprise given how poorly the Cygnet and the iQ have been selling. Toyota has had a particularly hard time moving their iQ’s off the lot with only 3400 units moved through  to September, while Smart, the closest competitor has moved about 7000 units of their cars this year.


So with the Cygnet soon to be gone, what’s next for Aston to average out their emissions? Perhaps they may take Top Gear’s idea and actually open up shop for bicycles, or maybe a rebadged Prius. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what creative plans Aston has next.


Source: Jalopnik

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