Aston Martin to Recall Over 17,000 Cars

Aston Martin to Recall Over 17,000 Cars

Aston Martin to recall 17,000 cars!Due to "Counterfeit" plastic.

While recalls aren’t always commonplace, they still happen from time to time for every major manufacturer. Toyota infamously had their accelerator pedal recall fiasco in 2010, Tesla just issued a voluntary recall for their Model S’ chargers, and Mazda last year recalled cars due to spider webs clogging fuel lines for certain models. This time however, it’s a decidedly more premium manufacturer that had to issue their recall. Aston Martin just announced that they are recalling all cars (but the Vanguish and Volante models) sold from late 2007 onwards due to counterfeit plastic being used in the accelerator pedal arm. The plastic in question comes from Shenzhen Kexiang Mould Tool Co. Ltd., a third tier sub-contractor which was using counterfeit DuPont plastic materials in their parts production for Aston Martin.




Vanquish Coupe

The all new Vanquish Coupe is thankfully spared from the recall!


As is the new Volante

Aston fears that these pedals might have a shorter than normal life expectancy which may potentially cause accidents in the future. Thus far, the company states that there have been 22 recorded failures but no accidents or injuries have occurred from the defective pedals. The recall is estimated to set Aston Martin back roughly 1.1 million dollars.


Source: Quartz

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