Aston Martin CC100 Present to Itself

Aston Martin CC100  Present to Itself

100 is a big numberAnd Aston doesn't disappoint

Aston Martin unveiled its CC100 concept race car ahead of schedule on May 19th.


Aston Martin CC100 Profile


Built to commemorate the company’s 100th anniversary, the CC100 encompasses design elements from the past with the DBR1 racecar and makes room for the future with design elements that hint at something completely new. The combination of past, present and future are evident in the car’s simplistic lines and the use of leather and carbon fiber on the interior.


Aston Martin CC100 Close Up



“CC100 is the epitome of everything that is great about Aston Martin. It represents our fantastic sporting heritage, our exceptional design capability, our superb engineering know-how and, above all, our adventurous spirit,” said CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez who will be lapping the 6L V12 2-seater around the Nordschleife track later this month, followed by a 1959 DBR1 driven by Sir Stirling Moss.


Aston Martin CC100 Interior



“But this car is more, even, than a simple ‘birthday present’ to ourselves: it shows that the soul of Aston Martin – the thing that differentiates us from all the other car makers out there – is as powerful as ever…” Bez added.



Source: Left Lane News

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