Artist Creates Transformer from Ford

Artist Creates Transformer from Ford

Artist creates a Transformer and out of a 1988 Ford Fiesta!

Sending this message to all auto lovers. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are two of the most recent well-known Transformers. But an artist from the United Kingdom has created his own robot by transforming his car. Hetain Patel, created his latest piece of art by using a 1988 Ford Fiesta, which was inspired by his first car. Patel and his dad set out on creating a ‘robot in disguise’ from the little red Ford.


The final product is astonishing! It looks as if the car is squatting with the arms in front and obviously it is not a Chevrolet Camaro like Bumblebee, but it is most definitely a creative piece by Patel. Check out the video to see how the whole thing came to life! Autobots, out.



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