Alfa Romeo Could Build ‘Stradale’ Racing Version of the 4C

Alfa Romeo Could Build ‘Stradale’ Racing Version of the 4C

Alfa Romeo Could Build 'Stradale' Racing Version of the 4CThe Alfa Romeo 4C, often called the baby 8C, are arguably one of the best designed cars on the road, however, soon we may be seeing a racing version of the 4C.

Remember the Alfa Romeo 8C? Yea, that’s right, the beautiful two door coupe designed by the auto maker. Now remember it’s baby brother? The still-very-good-looking Alfa 4C? Well, turns out, Alfa Romeo might be developing a racing version of the 4C (something to compete in GT competitions and the like).




That’s not all however, it seems, we may be seeing the development of a road version of the hardcore racing spec 4C called the 4C Stradale. Much like what Ferrari did with the 360 Challenge Stradale or the 430 Scuderia; the upped 4C could be an awesome (yet beautiful) performance competitor in it’s league.




Word is, the 4C Stradale would get the usual upgrades, including increased power, reduced weight, stiffer suspension set-up, upgraded brakes and of course a bigger price tag. I don’t know if Alfa Romeo really needs a more sporty version of the 4C, this car is more of a work of art than a dedicated sports car to me. Either way, it should be exciting to see how this super sporty version of the 4C stacks up against the other Italian big shots in it’s segment.


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