2016 Acura NSX Bursts Into Flames During Testing

2016 Acura NSX Bursts Into Flames During Testing

The NSX is one of the hottest cars we've been waiting for. Maybe a little too hot.

It was only yesterday, that the prototype of Acura‘s second-generation NSX supercar was testing on Germany’s infamous Nurburgring. Unfortunately, this specific prototype wont be running any more laps until Acura finds out what caused the fire. Luckily the driver managed to pull over and exit the vehicle before the flames completely englufed the NSX. Onlookers said the car erupted into flames at the rear before it spread to the rest of the car.



2016-acura-nsx-spy-shots_100473628_l wreckage-of-a-2016-acura-nsx-prototype-that-caught-fire_100473916_l




The rear of course houses the car’s twin-turbocharged engine, gearbox, and one of its three electric motors. Its obvious that it gets relatively hot back there. Although we do not know what caused the fire, we can see in this latest prototype that the air intakes and vents were actually bigger than the previous prototypes suggesting Acura knew about cooling issues and has taken some steps to address them.



2016-acura-nsx-spy-shots_100473644_l wreckage-of-a-2016-acura-nsx-prototype-that-caught-fire_100473919_l




Fortunately for all of us the fire happened during testing. The engineers working at Acura will most definitely solve the issue before production starts on the new supercar in 2015. Development of the new NSX is taking place primarily in the U.S. and production will be handled at Honda’s performance Manufcaturing center in Marysville, Ohio.



Source: MotorAuthority

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