2015 Mustang Cabriolet Revealed! Perhaps Ahead of Time?

2015 Mustang Cabriolet Revealed! Perhaps Ahead of Time?

Mustang Convertible Unveiled!Perhaps a little bit early too?

With the recent unveiling of the next Mustang, it seems that Ford over in the UK might have had a slip up and accidentally showed some pictures of the next Pony Cabriolet on Twitter. With the release of the next Mustang still fresh on everyone’s mind, it seems strange that Ford Motor Company would release the convertible Mustang without any fanfare, which makes us think that this was probably a slip up somewhere over at Ford UK.


2015 Mustang Convertible



Either way, the pictures have already hit the internet, and it’s too late to pull them down now (a lesson Beyonce’s publicist learned a few months back). So here it is, the next Mustang convertible! The pony car will feature a soft top cover (though I personally wish it would get a retractable hardtop) and rumor has it that Ford has decided to install a fully automatic mechanical mechanism to pull down and put up the roof. Currently, details are minimal and we can only gleam so much from the pictures that have been leaked.



2015 Mustang Convertible 2



It’s a good looking convertible and we can’t wait for the full details about the car when Ford decides to release it to the public.


Source: Autoblog.com

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