2014 Saab 9-3 Reborn…Kinda

2014 Saab 9-3 Reborn…Kinda

Welcome Back Saab!Kinda? I guess?

Since Saab filed for chapter 11 in 2011, the ailing company has struggled to find funding to stay afloat. A variety of contractual obligations from former owner General Motors left a number of potential buyers at bay. The tides turned in 2012 however, when National Electric Vehicle Sweden managed to pick up the assets and licensing rights to Saab Automobile AB. Thus, a candle of hope was rekindled for Saab. The only caveat – at least from a purists point of view – is that the parent company plans to turn Saab into a purely electric vehicle company.


2014 Saab 9-3


Ultimately this means that future Saabs will regrettably ditch their petrol engines for silent electric motors. In the meantime Saab has officially restarted production of vehicles. Since December 2nd, the company has started fabrication of the 2014 9-3, the majority of the vehicle will be the same as the pre-bankruptcy model with only the addition of the anti-whiplash seat system and the removal of a number of GM bits…and regrettably the iconic Griffin logo (instead, it will just be the Saab letterhead on the hood). Initial runs of the car will ship with the 220 hp 2.0 liter turbocharged four banger, the electric model will follow in 2014 says NEVS.¬†Currently, the company only plans for shipments to reach the Chinese and domestic Swedish market. After years of turmoil, Saab is finally back….kinda.


Source: Autoblog


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