The Best Automobile in the World? Mercedes S-Class

The Best Automobile in the World? Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes' statement seems boastfulBut from everything we've heard, the company may just be stating a fact

Mercedez-Benz certainly didn’t set the bar low on their all-new 2014 model after claiming its flagship S-Class redesign is the “best automobile in the world” and that it represents the “essence of luxury.”

This view is definitely reflected in the new S-Class, but no more so than in its interior which is a combination of new technologies and luxurious design. More stylish outside while also being more efficient under the hood, the S-Class takes a huge step above both its predecessors and competitors.


2014 Mercedes S-Class


The S550 is a little longer, stretching 206.5″ and is a major departure from the current flagship as its more in line, design-wise, with the E-Class model.  The biggest difference is in the all-LED lighting – no light bulbs are found anywhere in or outside of the car. The car is also 300 LBs lighter than its predecessor thanks to a stiffer aluminum/steel hybrid body. The car comes in both a standard and sport exterior trim forms.

Safety Features
An upgraded version of the Pre-Safe collision avoidance system is incorporated into the car which has the capacity to detect pedestrians and vehicles in city traffic while providing autonomous braking at speeds up to 50 KM/H. The new system can also detect imminent rear collisions which then turns on the hazard lamps to alert the other driver.


2014 Mercedes S-Class Interior


To reduce the risk of whiplash and collision injuries, the brakes hold firmly to prevent the car from rolling forward and the seatbelts pull their passenger away from the direction of impact. The rear seatbelts also include an inflatable airbag and a cushionbag located under the rear seats in order to prevent passengers from sliding below the seatbelt.

Interior Features
With its circular air vents and use of wood trim and metal accents, the 2014 S-Class gives a nod of approval to its past while taking a massive step forward into the future.
At the front sit two 12.3″ widescreen TFT displays that offer the driver every bit of information s/he could possibly want or need. A touchscreen keypad with 12 selectable memory places lets the driver access more complex functions without having to move around the dashboard constantly. The Linguatronic speech recognition system also lets short audio commands to be carried out by the car with text messaging and email included.  The Burmester 3D system and Frontbass resonance chamber will provide a surround sound experience similar to that of the SL Roadster. The infotainment system will include Google Maps and an aircraft-style “Driveshow” with an animated compass.
2014 Mercedes S-Class Interior & Seating
Even the climate control system has been upgraded to include an “active perfuming” function that when turned on, delivers a discreet fragrance to keep the car smelling fresh.
The seats themselves can be specified to include massaging functions with active ventilation and 5 different rear seat configurations. The fanciest of which is the First Class style which includes a full center console with thermo cupholders to heat or cool drinks using Peltier technology. Heated door panels and armrests will also be available.

Tech Specs
The first models to launch will be the S550 rear-wheel drive and S550 4match (all-wheel drive) followed by diesel, hybrid and AMG models. These models all use a 4.7L twin-turbocharged V8 producing 455 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque which is available from 1800-3500 RPM. The models all reach 60 MPH in 4.8 seconds, topping out at 130 MPH. A start/stop system is used to reduce consumption on US models.


2014 Mercedes S-Class Profile 2


And 8-speed automatic gearbox and an electro-mechanical rack-and-pinion steering system are standard on both models. Under the hood, the car includes a multi-link front and rear suspension system with air springs and adjustable damping shock absorbers that provide a ride quality vastly better than its predecessor according to the company.

Arriving in September, the S550 4Matic and S63 4Matic models will follow in November



Source: Left Lane News

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