2013 Ford Mustang V6

Raw American muscle, or your wife's car? Since its introduction in 1964, the Ford Mustang has become an icon in terms of its "American Muscle" appeal.

Since its introduction in 1964, the Ford Mustang has become an icon in terms of its “American Muscle” appeal. This latest rendition, refreshed for 2013, is no different. My test car was a 2013 Ford Mustang V6 Premium Convertible, in a gorgeous Ebony Metallic with a mocha leather interior.


2013 Ford Mustang V6 front right 1/4


The new 3.7L V6 puts out 305-horsepower, a number greater than that of the previous-generation V8-powered GT. While the new GT is blistering fast, there’s no doubt that my V6 automatic convertible, previously given the moniker of being a ‘secretary’s car’, could certainly outrun the majority of cars on the road. You certainly don’t feel a lack of power either.


This pony came equipped with leather, a Shaker sound system, SYNC Bluetooth, and Ford’s new MyKey system that we ranted about on the 5.0 model I sampled a few months prior. It also had the neat projectors in the side-view mirrors that projected a 1×1′ white Mustang logo onto the pavement.


2013 Ford Mustang V6 interior


I did have one gripe with the convertible top in this car. The automated system that disallows you to activate the top isn’t as smart as it could be. For instance, I was on the highway in bumper-to-bumper traffic for a solid 45 minutes. As my head began to toast in the 40-degree heat, I decided to put up the top. Right as I was doing so, the car in front of me moved one car length. The second I took my foot off the brake, the top froze in mid-air. I had to pull across four lanes of traffic with zero rear visibility in order to get onto the shoulder and put the top up. Granted, it’s partially my fault for even bothering to do so in traffic, but if I were driving, say, an MX-5, I know I would be able to quickly put the top up and go on my merry way without an issue.


2013 Ford Mustang V6 front left 1/4


Fuel economy on the V6 Premium was actually much better than expected. On a 350-km round trip to Niagara Falls, I observed 7.3L/100km with the top down. The car does take regular unleaded fuel. Is the Mustang more efficient than any other muscle car currently on the market? Probably. Is it significantly better looking? Most definitely. Lighting aspects such as the sequential rear signals, the LED daytime-running-lights and side-mirror projectors make the car feel much more upscale.


At an as-tested price of $37,239 (before you factor in the fact that nobody pays MSRP on Fords), the Mustang is certainly an appealing value. Plus, the V6 convertible is no longer a car solely for the weak; I’d even go as far as to say it’s no less a muscle car than anything else in its class.

Adi Desai
Adi Desai

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